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Short  Title Innsbruck
Full  Citation Innsbruck, private hands; photocopy in Tiroler Landesmuseum. Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck, M12416.
Provenance  &  Date Innsbruck,  after  c.  1700
Time  Frame 1700-1800
F Title Pp.  in  Source
3.13 Canzona  prima 1153 -1161
3.16 Canzona  quarta 2652
12.14 Canzon  dopo  l’Epistola 66167
12.17 Canzone  post  il  Comune 1854-1881
12.27 Canzon  dopo  l’Epistola 1882-1893
12.41 Canzon  dopo  l’Epistola 1014 -1022
17.45 Canzon 144
16.75 Phantasia 1453 -1484
18.15S Canzon 101-102
Modern  Editions  &  Facsimiles
Short  Title
Short  Title Pp.  in  Lit.
Rampe (2011) xiv
Related  Frescobaldi  Publ.
Canonical  Publ
TOCCATE  II  (1627-1637)
Notes This manuscript survives in private hands, but a photocopy from c. 1980 can be seen in the Innsbruck Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum with the signature M12416. The MS appears to have been compiled by the organist Elias de Silva (c. 1665-1732) some time after 1702, and also includes works by Johann Jacob Fischer, Froberger, Kerll, Krieger, Merula, Murschhauser, Bernardo Pasquini, Speth, Steingriebler, and Johann Jacob Walter. Siegbert Rampe dates the manuscript to after 1702. An edition by Ernst Kubitschek of all the unpublished works is forthcoming in the Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich.