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Short  Title Carbonchi (1640)
Full  Citation Antonio Carbonchi, Sonate di chitatta spagnola con intavolatura franzzese (Florence: Amador Massi and Lorenzo Landi, 1640)
Provenance  &  Date Florence,  1643
Time  Frame 1600-1650
F Title Pp.  in  Source
19.08H Corrente 40
Modern  Editions  &  Facsimiles
Short  Title
Short  Title Pp.  in  Lit.
Boye (1995)
Boye (2013) See  Notes.
Related  Frescobaldi  Publ.
Canonical  Publ
TOCCATE  I  (1615-1637)
Notes For 5-course guitar, notated in French tablature. See: <>
accessed 14 December 2013.