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Short  Title Berlin 12837
Full  Citation Berlin, Staatsbibliothek, Mus. Ms. 12837
RISM  ID 452000411
Provenance  &  Date 1702.
Time  Frame 1700-1800
F Title Pp.  in  Source
12.03 Kyrie f 78v
12.29 Recercar  cromaticho  post  il  Credo f 80v-81
12.31 Toccata  per  l’elevatione f 74v
12.41 Canzon  dopo  l’Epistola f 81-81v
12.45 Toccata  per  l’elevatione f 71-72
12.46 Bergamasca f 77-78v
Modern  Editions  &  Facsimiles
Short  Title
Short  Title Pp.  in  Lit.
Related  Frescobaldi  Publ.
Canonical  Publ
Notes Large collection of pieces in open score with date 1702 at end. Most are attributed to Leonardo Leo, but a few to Frescobaldi (from the Fiori musicali), Macque, and Salvatore. A number are left anonymous, but some of these are also from the Fiori. Leo’s name appears repeatedly, but it is not clear whether he was the scribe. Since he was born in 1694, he would have been quite young, although it is not inconceivable that these were youthful study materials. Information from <>.