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Short  Title Spiridion (1670-1677)
Full  Citation Spiridionis a Monte Carmelo, Nova Instructio Pro Pulsandis Organis, Spinettis, Manuchordiis, Etc. Pars Prima (Bamberg: Johann Jacom Immel, 1670); Pars secunda (Bamberg: Johann Georg Seüffert, 1671); Pars Tertia & Quarta (Würzburg: J. Sallver, ca. 1675-77)
Provenance  &  Date Bamberg  and  W├╝rzburg,  c.  1671-1677.    See  Full  Citation.
Time  Frame 1650-1700
F Title Pp.  in  Source
16.71 Balletto  3 4: 91
Modern  Editions  &  Facsimiles
Short  Title
Short  Title Pp.  in  Lit.
Darbellay (1988) 95-96
Related  Frescobaldi  Publ.
Canonical  Publ
CANZONI  (1645)
TOCCATE  I  (1615-1637)
TOCCATE  II  (1627-1637)
Notes Only Pars prima and Pars secunda survive as prints. However, an apparently reliable MS copy of all four volumes survives in Dresden (Sächsischen Landesbibliothek MB 4o 217); see Lamott 1980, 30-31. The treatise includes the complete text of a number of compositions from Toccate I (1637), Toccate II, (1627) and Canzoni (1645)–included in a Adjunctum Frescobaldicum, or identified with the initials HF–as well as well as numerous brief, unattributed excerpts from those publications as examples of cadentie and passaggie. Lamott (1980) believes that all the Frescobaldi excerpts are based on the composer’s publications, even if they are sometimes altered and simplified, and that is the point of view followed here. Darbellay (1988) thinks that they derive from a manuscript transmission independent of the prints. Only a single composition, included in the Adjunctum Frescobaldicum, the Balletto 3, does not derive from the publications, and its attribution is considered doubtful.