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Short  Title Practical Harmony (1802)
Full  Citation Muzio Clementi. Clementi’s Selection of Practical Harmony, for the Organ or Pianoforte, 2 (London: Clementi et al., [1802])
Provenance  &  Date London,  1802
Time  Frame 1800-1900
F Title Pp.  in  Source
18.06S Fuga  I 144-145
18.07S Fuga  II 146-147
18.08S Fuga  III 148-153
Modern  Editions  &  Facsimiles
Short  Title
Short  Title Pp.  in  Lit.
Hammond (1983) 96,  324-325
Silbiger (2013) 100-101
Wollenberg (1975) 133-135
Related  Frescobaldi  Publ.
Canonical  Publ
TOCCATE  I  (1615-1637)
TOCCATE  II  (1627-1637)
Notes In addition to the three spurious fugues, the collection includes F 2.17. 3.08, 3.14, 3.14, and 3.16, as well as works by A. and D. Scarlatti, J. S. and C. P. E. Bach, Handel, Martini, Albrechtsberger, and Eberlin. Exceptionally, the volume has been entered both as Source and as Modern Edtion.